The Spillionaires


The Spillionaires are all long-term friends and music lovers.  Individually, they have played hundreds of shows across North America. They banded together in 2011 with the objective of playing music, having fun and enjoying local craft brews. The jam sessions grew into something special, so they took it to the stage to share it with others. This transformed the band from living room sweethearts into the good time, heel stompin, hoot-n-hollering juggernauts that you see today.

Their comfortable, jovial on-stage demeanor and silky harmonies are an audience favourite. They are truly a band for any occasion.

The Spillionaires released their first EP in May, 2019.

FullSizeRender Name: Matt Creed

Instrument: Upright Bass, Vocals

Started Playing Music: 1984

Joined the Spills: 2013

Other Musical Projects/Interests: Zap the Crook, Ninjas & Stuff

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Hugs or High Fives: Hi-Fives.

Matt grew up in a musical family and started playing guitar at age 10. He formed his first band at 12. Early live performances ranged from singing in choir, jazz band, musicals, and community events. Matt played his first bar gig at the age of 16 and has since toured across Canada multiple times, from Halifax to Iqaluit to Dawson City and every stop in between. He has also played internationally on the West Coast US circuit. Currently, Matt is playing bass in a couple of projects and loves creating, performing, and the joy of building lifelong friendships with his musical peers.

FullSizeRender_4 Name: Melissa Elton

Instrument: Accordion, Vocals

Started playing music: in elementary school

Joined the Spills: 2014

Other musical projects/interests: Teaches singing, sound healing

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate!

High fives or hugs: consensual hugs

Melissa has been singing since she was wee. With training in voice, piano and viola, she then decided to teach herself the accordion in her late 20s. Some of her favourite genres to sing are jazz, musical theatre, pop, and of course bluegrass, folk, and a dash of country. She loves weaving harmonies into song arrangements, and playing from the heart. Singing and playing with The Spillionaires is one of the biggest joys in her life!

NAlame: Al Haley

Instrument: Mandolin, Slide Guitar, Vocals

Started playing music: 1981

Joined the Spills: 2011

Other musical interests: Pedal steel guitar

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate AND Vanilla

High fives or hugs:  it’s okay to be a hugger

Al grew up on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Growing up he heard fiddle music, Hank Williams, Marty Robbins, and Sons of the Pioneers on the 8-track. Al started playing bass and guitar at 13 and moved on to Uilleann pipes, mandolin, dobro and pedal steel guitar. He has done lots of musical and children’s theatre and has always played in one band or other- never happier than in The Spillionaires.

FullSizeRender_1 Name: Ryan Cranston

Instrument: Guitar, Vocals

Started Playing Music: Drums at 5 years old

Joined the Spills: 2017

Other Musical Projects/Interests: Saxophone

Chocolate or Vanilla: BOTH

Hugs or High Fives: BOTH


FullSizeRender_3 Name: Leah Barley

Instrument: Banjo, Vocals

Started playing music: Piano as a child, performing and writing in 20’s

Joined the Spills: 2017

Other musical projects/interests: solo singer/songwriter, guitar

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate!

High fives or hugs: definitely both                                                   

Saskatchewan-born, Ontario-raised, and now Vancouver-based, self-taught vocalist, banjo, and guitar player Leah Barley started her interest in the stage at a young age. Dancing and acting since grade school, Leah fell in love with Bluegrass and Old Time Country once she moved to Alberta in her early twenties. She bought herself a banjo and was writing and performing within two months. Since then Leah has recorded three EPs, toured throughout parts of Canada, performed at CBC Music Vancouver, JUNOFest, and even at the Whiskey a Go Go and Hotel Café in L.A (with the Wayward Hearts).  And now she’s having the best time ever playing with the Spillionaires.


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